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New Miami Speed Camera Fine Ruling On Indefinite Hold

The Journal-News continued their report on the New Miami speed camera fines.  From the commends Judge Michael Sage has made, it appears that a ruling will not be made during her term (which ends February 5, 2015) and potentially may never be made.

Wil Weisenfelder, a Partner at Rendigs, was interviewed for the article and explains the Village’s position on this controversial case.

Read the entire article here.

Weisenfelder Pursues Ruling Change In Traffic Camera Case

In a recent Journal-News article, Rendigs Partner Wil Weisenfelder was quoted regarding several recent rulings in Ohio traffic camera law.  Weisenfelder is defending the village of New Miami and is pursuing Butler County Common Pleas Judge Michael Sage to change his position based on the Ohio Supreme Court decision in Walker v. Toledo which determined that cameras used to catch speeders and red light runners were, in fact, legal.

The full article is available here.