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Why Choose Rendigs?


Our firm focuses on a wide variety of services, and we’re there for you when you need us – in good times and when things are more difficult. We’re ready to help when you’re starting a new business or you need to make adjustments to your estate plan because of a new baby. But we’re also there when a physician is being sued, when there is a harassment claim against your company, and in other stressful times.



The attorneys at Rendigs will not shy away from going to trial. We are dedicated litigators and we know what it takes to win in court. In fact, many attorneys on our team enjoy the challenge a trial presents and have made a name for themselves by winning cases. Our clients are our main priority, and delivering and exceeding on your expectations is where we excel.

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We are driven by our dedication to our clients. Our entire team, from the partner attorneys to our legal assistants, make client service their top priority. Each client gets the attention to detail they need and deserve, and with that comes the ability to have confidence in every aspect of life. At the same time, we deliver results one can expect from a “big brand” law firm. We have been providing outstanding services for generations and we plan to continue that history for years to come.