Long-Term Care & Nursing Home Defense

Long-term care facilities and nursing homes have long faced heavy scrutiny from state and federal authorities. In recent years, this scrutiny has been matched by an increasing number of lawsuits filed against long-term care facilities and nursing homes by an aggressive and organized national plaintiff’s bar.

Our Services for Long-Term Care Facilities and Nursing Homes

Recognized nationally as a leading long-term care defense firm, Rendigs represents skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, hospices, and long-term acute care hospitals in all litigation matters. Our clients rely on our counsel on a variety of issues including civil lawsuits related to patient/resident care, licensure and certification issues, enforcement proceedings, and serious allegations of fraud and abuse. We understand the delicate balance between a resident’s rights and our client’s right to the fair representation of its facility and practices. Our attorneys vigorously defend our clients in pre-trial, trial, and post-trial proceedings, as well as mediation, arbitration and other private dispute resolution matters.

Our services for long-term care facilities and nursing homes in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado include:

Claim Investigation

When faced with allegations of negligence, abuse, fraud and mismanagement, long-term care facilities and nursing homes must quickly gain an accurate understanding of the facts at hand. Our attorneys conduct efficient and comprehensive claim investigations focused on collecting the information our clients need to make informed and strategic decisions about their defense.

Claim Analysis and Consultation

Relying on decades of experience, our attorneys carefully analyze the claims against our clients and consult with our clients regarding the defenses they have available. We advise our clients regarding potential settlement opportunities, and we provide straightforward assessments of our clients’ likelihood of success in litigation.

Private Dispute Resolution

Resolving patients, residents and family members’ claims privately will often be in the best interests of all parties involved. Rendigs’ long-term care and nursing home defense attorneys have extensive experience successfully representing facilities and their owners in informal settlement negotiations, mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Litigation Defense

In some cases, litigation will be long-term care facilities and nursing homes’ best (if not only) option. When it makes sense to litigate claims, our attorneys take an aggressive and all-encompassing approach focused on achieving a favorable result as economically as possible.

Compliance, Claim Mitigation and Risk Management

In addition to helping long-term care facilities and nursing homes resolve claims, we also assist our clients with compliance, claim mitigation and risk management. By taking proactive steps to avoid allegations of negligence and malpractice, facilities can often substantially reduce their costs while maintaining high standards of care.

Discuss Your Facility’s Legal Needs with an Experienced Attorney at Rendigs

If your long-term care facility or nursing home is in need of experienced legal counsel, we encourage you to contact us for more information. To schedule a confidential consultation with an attorney at Rendigs, please call 513-381-9200 or tell us how we can help online today.