We Bring Over 75 Years’ Experience to Defending Clients in Medical Malpractice Cases Involving Allegations of Misdiagnosis

Among all of the various types of medical malpractice allegations, misdiagnosis is by far the most common. Patients and families regularly file claims, often seeking hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in damages.

We defend medical providers and medical malpractice insurers against misdiagnosis claims in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado—and we have been doing so for more than 75 years. We have favorably resolved numerous claims through effective pre-trial and trial representation; and, when warranted by the circumstances, we have helped our clients mitigate their liability through strategic settlement negotiations. If you or your company is facing liability related to misdiagnosis allegations, our lawyers will thoroughly assess the facts at hand, advise you regarding the risks presented, and efficiently target a positive result.

Defending Against Misdiagnosis Allegations Requires Medical and Legal Knowledge

Like all types of medical malpractice cases, defending against misdiagnosis allegations presents unique challenges. Providers, insurers and their counsel need to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the facts at hand, and they must understand how the law applies to the particular set of circumstances presented. As such, defending against misdiagnosis allegations requires both medical and legal knowledge, and this makes it critical for providers and insurers to work with a team of defense lawyers who have specific—and significant—experience in the medical malpractice field.

The lawyers in our medical malpractice defense practice group bring decades of relevant experience to the table. We also work closely with medical experts in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado who are able to provide critical insights into the pertinent standard of care. As the standard of care can vary from one situation to the next—and as it is the controlling factor in medical malpractice cases—identifying the relevant standard and applying it to the circumstances at hand is a key first step toward mounting a successful defense.

We Defend Providers and Insurers Against All Types of Misdiagnosis Allegations

Rendigs’ medical malpractice defense lawyers represent providers and insurers in cases involving all types of misdiagnosis allegations. We represent physicians in all fields, and we regularly serve as defense counsel in cases involving alleged:

  • Blood clot misdiagnosis
  • Brain trauma misdiagnosis
  • Cancer misdiagnosis
  • Depression misdiagnosis
  • Fibromyalgia misdiagnosis
  • Heart attack misdiagnosis
  • Lyme disease misdiagnosis
  • Pulmonary embolism misdiagnosis
  • Sepsis misdiagnosis
  • Stroke misdiagnosis

These are just examples. All medical conditions can be misdiagnosed, and plaintiffs’ lawyers pursue claims for all types of alleged diagnostic failures. But, the reality is that circumstances involving apparent misdiagnosis are rarely as straightforward as they seem. In many cases, even if a patient’s or family’s lawyer can prove that a mistake was made, our lawyers will be able to protect our client by demonstrating that the mistake does not rise to the level of medical malpractice.

Speak with a Medical Malpractice Defense Lawyer at Rendigs

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