We Provide Businesses with the Resources They Need to Manage Their Workforces and Mitigate Their Employment-Related Risk

Workforce management presents a variety of challenges for businesses. In addition to practical challenges, the employment relationship is rife with legal risks, and businesses need to manage these risks effectively in order to avoid unnecessary claims, litigation and negative publicity.

At Rendigs, we are committed to helping businesses manage their workforces and mitigate their employment-related risk. To do this, we provide our business clients with the resources they need to operate with confidence. Our lawyers help business owners, executives and human resources managers understand the legal risks inherent in the employment relationship, and we prepare employment agreements, policies and procedures, and other documents that our clients can use in their operations on a day-to-day basis.

We Provide Resources for Businesses with Workforces of All Sizes

Whether a business has 10 employees or a workforce of 10,000, it has employment-related risks that it needs to manage. These risks range from employee negligence to employee theft, and from allegations of harassment and discrimination to allegations of wrongful termination. To help our clients manage their employment-related risks, we provide them with business resources including:

  • Employment Contracts – While most employment relationships are at-will, businesses can benefit from entering into employment contracts with executives and certain other high-level employees. We draft and negotiate employment contracts for our clients.
  • Employment Policies – All businesses should have documented employment policies that clearly outline what they expect from their workforces. Businesses should provide copies of these policies to all employees, and they should conduct training programs during onboarding and as necessary to encourage compliance over time.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements – Even when workers are employed at-will, businesses can (and often should) require them to sign non-disclosure agreements that safeguard the business’s confidential and proprietary information.
  • Human Resources Handbooks – When recruiting, screening and onboarding new employees, human resources personnel should follow documented policies and procedures in order to avoid allegations of discrimination and other improprieties. The same is true when handling raises, promotions, terminations and other matters involving existing employees.
  • Manager and Supervisor Training Programs – Businesses should conduct manager and supervisor training programs focused on preventing all forms of harassment and discrimination. Businesses should also document their managers’ and supervisors’ successful completion of these programs.
  • Procedures for Handling Employee Complaints – Businesses must take all employee complaints of harassment, discrimination and other forms of wrongful conduct seriously. When faced with complaints, businesses should follow documented procedures for investigating and determining appropriate next steps.
  • Employment Law Counseling – Employment-related issues can arise under a broad range of circumstances, and they will often arise unexpectedly. To make the right decisions, business leaders should have ready access to the company’s employment law attorneys.

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