Workers comp provides important protections for both employers and employees. While eligible employees can claim “no fault” benefits when they suffer job-related injuries and illnesses, employers that comply with their state’s workers comp laws are immune from personal injury lawsuits related to these injuries and illnesses in most cases.

At Rendigs, we represent employers in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado with respect to all workers’ compensation matters. This includes everything from evaluating coverage and self-insurance options to fending off fraudulent claims. We handle coverage disputes and other issues involving workers’ compensation insurers as well, and our lawyers advise many of our clients on workers’ compensation issues on a day-to-day basis.

Workers’ Compensation Matters We Handle

Within our workers’ compensation practice, we provide full-service representation to employers of all sizes. This includes providing advice and representation in the areas of:

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage and Self-Insurance

We help employers evaluate workers’ compensation insurance coverage options and negotiate policy terms with their coverage providers. For those that self-insure, or that are thinking about self-insuring, we assist with assessing the viability of self-insurance and managing the legal and financial risks involved.

Workers’ Compensation Investigations and Claims

We conduct and oversee investigations for employers facing workers’ comp claims. Conducting a thorough investigation is critical for assessing the legitimacy of employees’ claims for benefits, and employers need to make informed decisions when deciding whether to acknowledge or dispute liability. We also advise employers throughout the entire workers’ comp claims process, from reviewing employees’ injury reports to requiring independent medical examinations (IMEs).

Workers’ Compensation Settlements

Employees who engage legal counsel will often seek to resolve their workers’ comp claims via settlement. We consult with employers regarding the advisability of entering into settlement negotiations, and we negotiate on behalf of our clients when warranted. We also draft settlement agreements for our clients.

Workers’ Compensation Appeals

We represent employers in workers’ comp appeals before state administrative agencies and in the civil courts. Different states have different rules and procedures for workers’ comp appeals; and, with offices in Cincinnati, Louisville and Boulder, our workers’ comp lawyers are well-versed in the relevant appellate procedures in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado. Workers’ compensation appeals can involve a broad range of issues, and successfully resolving employees’ appeals requires an in-depth understanding of the factual and legal issues involved.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage Disputes

In addition to handling disputes and appeals involving employees, we also represent employers in coverage disputes with their workers’ comp insurers. This includes disputes involving legitimate questions of coverage as well as bad-faith insurance practices. While we are often able to resolve these disputes informally on behalf of our clients, we also litigate coverage disputes with workers’ comp insurers when necessary.

Schedule a Consultation with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer at Rendigs

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