From custom home construction to commercial leasing transactions, and from disputes involving escrow deposits to disputes between property owners and developers, Rendigs’ real estate lawyers represent clients in a broad range of transactional and litigation matters. With offices in Cincinnati, Louisville and Boulder, we represent residential and commercial clients throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado.

Due to their nature, all real estate transactions involve relatively high stakes. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of litigation in the event that things do not go according to plan. At Rendigs, we rely on extensive experience in the residential and commercial real estate sectors to draft and negotiate contracts that mitigate our clients’ litigation risk; and, when necessary, our lawyers call on this same experience to provide strategic representation in litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings.

Residential Real Estate

Within our residential real estate practice, we represent companies and individuals involved in all phases of the construction process. We also provide representation for high-value residential real estate transactions, and we represent lessors and investors in all legal matters. Representative examples of our practice include:

  • Representing owners, architects, engineers and contractors in contract negotiations
  • Representing buyers and sellers in transactions involving luxury and custom homes
  • Drafting and negotiating leases for residential lessors
  • Advising residential real estate investors on transactions, tax, liability and other matters
  • Resolving disputes involving residential real estate through settlement negotiations, ADR and litigation

Whether you are an owner, prospective purchaser, licensed professional or business owner, you need to make informed decisions when approaching any type of real estate-related transaction or dispute. Our lawyers can explain everything you need to know, and we can protect your interests on your behalf.

Commercial Real Estate

On the commercial side, we handle transactions and disputes involving development and construction, sales and acquisitions, and leasing. We represent property owners, developers, construction companies, architecture and engineering firms, management companies, commercial tenants, lenders, insurance companies and others. Representative examples of our practice include:

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts for large-scale commercial real estate development and construction projects in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado
  • Drafting and negotiating commercial leases for lessors and lessees
  • Conducting due diligence, handling negotiations and managing closing for commercial real estate transactions
  • Advising insurers and policyholders regarding insurance coverage for liability and casualty claims
  • Representing clients in informal and formal dispute resolution proceedings involving commercial real estate development, construction and transactions

In many cases, when faced with a dispute involving a commercial real estate development project or lease, it will be in both parties’ best interests to achieve an amicable resolution. While we readily pursue legal action on behalf of our clients when necessary, we focus on finding efficient out-of-court solutions whenever possible.

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