Residential Real Estate

The purchase or sale of a primary residence, vacation home or investment property can be among the largest and most important financial transactions in one’s lifetime. With so much at stake, even seemingly straightforward transactions merit caution and experienced counsel. Obtaining legal advice from an attorney whose practice focuses on real estate matters can help to minimize the financial risks involved, simplify the process, and avoid unnecessary problems before or after the transaction.

Our Residential Real Estate Services

The attorneys in our residential real estate practice group help buyers and sellers understand the various stages of the process, decipher the complex legally binding documents involved, and make well-informed decisions while negotiating their transactions. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the laws, rules and regulations governing the purchase and sale of residential properties in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado. We routinely guide clients through the entire process—from due diligence through closing—and, when necessary, we help our clients efficiently resolve disputes arising in connection with their residential real estate purchases and sales.

Our residential real estate services for buyers and sellers in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado include:

Due Diligence

For purchasers, conducting thorough due diligence is a key early step in the acquisition process. Purchasers need to know what they are buying, and they need to be aware of any easements or other encumbrances that may limit their ability to use the property. We guide our clients through the due diligence process, and we help them make informed decisions when unexpected issues arise.

Title Searches and Insurance

Conducting a comprehensive title search is a critical component of the due diligence process for residential real estate buyers. Even with a good title insurance policy in place, there are still issues that can lead to problems. Our attorneys conduct title searches and advise buyers regarding the title insurance options that are available.

Contract Review and Negotiation

Even though residential real estate contracts are largely standardized, buyers and sellers alike must rely on experienced counsel to review their contracts and negotiate as necessary. We have extensive experience negotiating on behalf of buyers and sellers, and we are familiar with the contract terms that tend to lead to problems.


In most cases, closings for residential real estate transactions go smoothly. But, issues can present themselves unexpectedly at this stage as well. To ensure that they are prepared to address any issues that arise, both buyers and sellers should have counsel at the closing table.

Pre- and Post-Closing Dispute Resolution

In addition to representing buyers and sellers in transactional matters, we also provide representation for pre- and post-closing dispute resolution. While most disputes can be resolved informally, our attorneys go to court to protect our clients’ interests when necessary.

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