Simply put, some insurance claims are more complicated than others. When insurance companies encounter novel issues during the claims process, they must rely on experienced legal counsel to help them make informed coverage determinations. When they reach different conclusions than their policyholders and third-party claimants, they must often seek to protect their financial interests in declaratory judgment litigation.

Experienced Insurance Lawyers for All Coverage Matters

At Rendigs, we provide coverage opinions for insurance companies in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado. Our coverage opinions are backed by more than 75 years of experience working in the insurance industry. Our insurance lawyers are well-versed in all aspects of investigating claims, evaluating insurance policies, and making coverage determinations, and we routinely provide opinions to insurers regarding all lines of coverage.

Our insurance lawyers also have significant experience in declaratory judgment litigation. We handle declaratory judgment litigation before and after claim denials, advocating on behalf of our clients to secure favorable judgments and establish strong precedent for future claims. Declaratory judgments define the contractual relationships between insurers and their policyholders, resolving coverage questions definitively and providing guidance for both parties.

Insurers Can Use Coverage Opinions to Avoid and Resolve Disputes

For insurance companies, coverage opinions serve several important purposes. By helping insurers make informed coverage determinations, they both reduce the risk of coverage litigation and mitigate against the risk of paying uncovered claims. Obtaining coverage opinions can also help protect insurers against allegations of bad faith and claims for extra-contractual liability. While insurance companies often seek coverage opinions when faced with novel issues or dealing with newly-revised policy language, coverage opinions can themselves effectively serve as a form of insurance in all types of claim scenarios.

When engaged to provide coverage opinions, we take a comprehensive approach that leaves no questions unanswered. This involves taking steps including (but is not limited to):

  • Conducting a factual investigation
  • Reviewing the relevant policy language
  • Reviewing relevant statutes and case law
  • Examining the claim file to date
  • Considering statutes of limitations, statutes of repose and other pertinent legal issues
  • Acknowledging assumptions and identifying unknowns
  • Drafting a clear and concise coverage opinion that facilitates informed decision-making

Declaratory Judgment Litigation Provides Both Efficiency and Certainty

When claims involve legitimate questions of coverage, securing a declaratory judgment can facilitate an efficient outcome. Rendigs’ insurance lawyers initiate declaratory judgment actions on behalf of insurance companies and defend insurers in declaratory judgment litigation initiated by first-party and third-party claimants. While seeking a declaratory judgment won’t make sense in all scenarios, when it does make sense, going to court can be the most cost-effective means of achieving a favorable resolution.

Speak with an Insurance Lawyer at Rendigs

If you would like to speak with an insurance lawyer about a coverage opinion, or if your company needs legal counsel for declaratory judgment litigation, we encourage you to get in touch. To schedule an appointment with a lawyer at our offices in Cincinnati, Louisville or Boulder, please call 513-381-9200 or contact us online today.