Insurance Coverage & Bad Faith

Our Attorneys Represent Insurers in Litigation and Private Dispute Resolution Proceedings Involving Insurance Coverage Disputes and Allegations of Bad Faith

Insurance coverage disputes are often complicated, technical and contentious. With extensive experience litigating multi-million-dollar insurance coverage disputes, Rendigs’ insurance coverage practice group members are intimately familiar with the laws and regulations that govern these disputes. Our attorneys regularly represent insurers in disputes involving all lines of coverage, and we have a proven track record of securing favorable outcomes in settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Comprehensive Legal Representation for Insurance Coverage & Bad Faith Matters

Coverage disputes and allegations of bad faith insurance practices can present substantial liability risks for insurers. Not only can incorrect coverage determinations lead to unnecessary losses, but allegations of bad faith can expose insurers to extracontractual liability. At Rendigs, we help our insurance clients make the right decisions, and we defend them vigorously against allegations of using improper claims handling procedures. Our services for insurers in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado include:

Counseling and Coverage Opinions

We provide counsel and guidance on coverage issues involving first-party and third-party claims. From analyzing the relevant policy language in light of applicable law to conducting comprehensive investigations, we do what is necessary to help our clients make informed coverage determinations.

We also assist our clients through the preparation of coverage opinion letters. Our attorneys draft clear and concise opinion letters that address all pertinent issues and leave no room for interpretation.

Claims Handling

Implementing effective claims handling procedures is one of the most effective ways that insurance companies can mitigate their risk of facing insurance coverage disputes and extracontractual liability for bad faith. Along with providing claims counseling and coverage opinions, our attorneys also assist insurers with developing and instituting systematic claims handling policies and protocols. When our clients have questions about claims handling, our attorneys provide key insights and step-by-step guidance to help them make the right decisions.

Claims Litigation and Private Dispute Resolution

Despite insurers’ best efforts to mitigate their risk of facing claim-related disputes, in some cases litigation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings will be unavoidable. Our attorneys handle litigation in state and federal courts as well as mediation and arbitration proceedings involving claims under comprehensive general liability, errors and omissions, professional liability, excess, and umbrella policies.

Insurance Bad Faith Allegations

In addition to handling claim-related litigation, our attorneys also defend insurers against allegations of engaging in bad faith insurance practices. While state laws entitle policyholders and third-party claimants to extracontractual damages in appropriate cases, insurers will often have strong defenses against claims for statutory liability. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with these defenses, and we have decades of experience using them to our clients’ advantage.

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