Guardianship is the legal process of appointing a specific agent to care for an individual unable to care for him or herself. The guardian’s role is to monitor the incapacitated person, to make sure that the person lives in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment possible, with appropriate food, clothing, social opportunities, and medical care. A conservatorship is a similar role in the oversight of an incapacitated individual’s finances or estate.

The application for guardianship is filed with the county Probate Court which starts the process of Probate Court oversight, through the guardian, over the ward. Regular reports must be submitted to the Court confirming the physical condition of the ward and the proper use of the ward’s assets.

Rendigs attorneys have worked with many individuals and families in the guardianship process. We are experienced in all relevant law, and sensitive to the difficult emotions that may influence the process.  Every situation is unique; we can help you understand your options and implement the plan that best serves the interests of all parties.

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