Private and Family-Owned Businesses

We Provide Custom-Tailored and Cost-Effective Legal Representation to Private and Family-Owned Businesses in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado

Private and family-owned businesses are the heart of the economy and the engine of its growth. These businesses turn ideas and inspiration into products, services and jobs. As private and family-owned businesses evolve and grow, they will inevitably encounter a variety of opportunities and risks that require insightful legal advice and experienced legal representation. 

At Rendigs, we understand that while private and family-owned businesses face many of the same legal issues as larger companies, they generally lack the resources needed to employ in-house counsel. With this in mind, we are committed to serving our clients as if we were in-house, helping them proactively identify and resolve issues that have the potential to lead to costly disputes and lengthy litigation. We provide custom-tailored, cost-effective representation focused on meeting our clients’ specific needs, and we provide our clients with the tools, information and resources they need to manage their risk effectively.

Our Services for Private and Family-Owned Businesses

We represent private businesses, family-owned businesses and their owners in all legal matters. This includes corporate and transactional matters as well as litigation and private dispute resolution. For example, our business attorneys routinely provide assistance with matters including:

  • Corporate Structuring and Governance – Our attorneys assist with selecting between S-corporation, C-corporation, limited liability company and other entity structures. We provide representation for drafting ownership agreements and managing other corporate governance matters as well.
  • Commercial Transactions – Establishing the appropriate structure of the deal in the early stages of the process is critical. Our attorneys draft and negotiate contracts that adequately protect our clients’ legal and financial interests while fostering mutually-beneficial commercial relationships.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – We represent private and family-owned businesses in mergers and acquisitions involving other privately-held companies. We provide representation for selling private and family-owned businesses as well.
  • Employment Matters – Our attorneys regularly advise business owners on employment-related matters such as employment and severance agreements, workers’ compensation claims, and harassment and discrimination allegations. We also draft custom-tailored employment policies, procedures and handbooks for our clients.
  • Contract Disputes, Infringement Claims and Other Issues – When disputes arise, we work closely with our clients to help them achieve favorable and cost-effective resolutions. While this occasionally involves pursuing litigation, we are able to resolve most of our clients’ disputes informally.
  • Shareholder, Partner and Member Disputes – In addition to handling disputes with vendors, customers and other third parties, we also represent clients in disputes with their co-owners. In the family business context, these disputes often involve unique dynamics, and a strategic and forward-thinking approach is required.

We also assist business owners with succession planning and estate planning matters. As a business owner, your business is an important part of your legacy. Our attorneys can help you plan for the future while maintaining full control in the present, and we can assist with tax planning and other related issues as well.

Discuss Your Legal Needs with a Business Attorney at Rendigs

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