Subrogation is an essential legal tool that protects insurers’ financial interests in a broad range of scenarios. However, obtaining subrogation often proves challenging, and it is not at all uncommon for disputes to arise. Companies regularly dispute subrogation liability; and, while some coverage scenarios are fairly straightforward, insurers must often rely on their counsel to establish liability and obtain subrogation in accordance with applicable law.

At Rendigs, our attorneys work on behalf of insurance companies in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado to aggressively pursue subrogation recoveries following first-party and third-party claims. Our attorneys have helped insurers maximize their recoveries in a multitude of fact patterns through private dispute resolution efforts and litigation. Negotiating and litigating on behalf of our insurance clients, our attorneys have obtained both lump sum payments and secured payment plans, and our attorneys have established strong precedent favoring our clients’ rights to subrogation in multiple jurisdictions.

Subrogation Disputes Present Unique Challenges

In subrogation cases, our attorneys protect clients’ interests through the early identification of the relevant facts and law, preservation of evidence, retention of qualified experts, and, when possible, the involvement of responsible third parties. Our attorneys use their extensive experience to identify and retain the most knowledgeable and credible experts in the fields relevant to the claims at hand. Subrogation matters can involve a variety of complex legal and factual issues, and this proactive approach is crucial for helping insurers make informed decisions and assert their subrogation rights effectively.

We represent insurers in subrogation matters in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado involving all lines of coverage. This includes (but is not limited to) disputes arising out of claims under policies such as:

  • Automotive liability
  • Commercial general liability (CGL)
  • Directors and officers liability (D&O)
  • Employment practices liability (EPL)
  • Product liability
  • Professional liability (including errors and omissions)
  • Disaster, crime, cyber and other liability insurance policies

Due to the nature of subrogation disputes and the various ways in which insurers’ subrogation rights can arise, resolving these disputes often presents unique challenges. With our attorneys’ experience handling these matters, we are more than capable of protecting insurers’ interests regardless of the issues underlying their disputes and the lines of coverage involved.

While Rendigs’ attorneys will fully litigate clients’ subrogation disputes through trial when necessary, we seek to achieve amicable resolutions that minimize our clients’ costs whenever possible. Along with negotiating settlements with subrogating entities, this includes obtaining subrogation through voluntary and contractually mandated mediation and arbitration. When serving as subrogation counsel, we explore all options, and we execute targeted and efficient strategies focused on asserting our clients’ rights as cost-effectively as possible.

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