Our Business Lawyers Guide Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Through M&A Transactions in Ohio, Kentucky, and Colorado

Mergers and acquisitions are important transitions for all involved, signaling both new opportunities and challenges. Legal agreements entered into and decisions made before, during, and after mergers and acquisitions require careful forethought and strategic planning, as they can have important long-term business, financial, and tax implications.

Our attorneys have worked on all aspects of M&A transactions for owners of small and mid-sized business entities. We are fluent in negotiating and drafting the wide variety of documents required for both stock and asset purchase transactions. We also counsel our clients on the various financing issues involved in M&A transactions and assist with negotiating lending facilities—all while remaining cognizant of the servicing transactions, recovery filings, and tax ramifications arising from the terms of the deal.

A Comprehensive and Efficient Approach to M&A Transactions

At Rendigs, we take a comprehensive-yet-efficient approach to guiding our clients through their mergers and acquisitions. From due diligence through closing—and even post-closing integration—we ensure that our clients have all of the information they need to make informed and strategic decisions. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all transaction documents accurately reflect the terms of the deal, and we carefully advise our clients regarding necessary legal protections.

At the same time, we prioritize keeping our clients’ deals on track. We work diligently to facilitate our clients’ deals rather than serving as a hindrance to closing. While we are committed to ensuring that our clients have thoroughly evaluated their options and have all critical legal protections in place, we also understand that our role is to help our clients get to the closing table on time.

Here are just some of the issues we help our clients address during M&A transactions in Ohio, Kentucky, and Colorado:

  • Evaluating asset and stock purchase alternatives
  • Buyer and seller due diligence
  • Liability, indemnification, and insurance
  • Funding sources and financing transactions
  • Third-party waivers and consent
  • Licenses and permits
  • Tax planning and mitigation
  • Post-closing integration

When executing a merger or acquisition, it is critical not to leave any issues overlooked or any questions unanswered. Relying on decades of relevant experience, our attorneys help our clients close their deals with confidence.

Experienced Legal Representation for Disputes Arising Out of Mergers and Acquisitions

In addition to guiding clients through the M&A process, we also represent buyers and sellers in disputes arising out of mergers and acquisitions. Disputes can arise at all stages of the process as well as after closing. Whether a dispute threatens to disrupt a deal or a post-closing issue threatens to compromise the deal’s value, our attorneys can step in and facilitate a favorable resolution.

Speak with an M&A Attorney at Rendigs

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