Professional Liability

In recent years, regulators, investors, and the general public have been closely scrutinizing the role of professional service firms. Professional liability lawsuits are becoming increasingly common, and state and federal authorities are increasingly taking disciplinary action against professional service firms and licensed professionals.

As a result, it is paramount for accountants, attorneys, brokers and other licensed professionals to ensure not only that they remain in compliance with the ever-evolving rules and regulations governing their practices, but that they remain prepared to defend themselves as well. When professional liability claims arise, a proactive response is imperative, and professionals and firms alike must ensure that they are ready to defend themselves by all means available.

Skilled Defense Counsel for Professional Liability Claims and Disciplinary Matters

Rendigs attorneys are experienced in the full spectrum of professional liability claims against individual professionals and firms. Our attorneys work closely with clients to defend against claims in litigation and in state and federal disciplinary and enforcement proceedings. These civil and administrative proceedings often go hand-in-hand, and avoiding unnecessary consequences often requires the simultaneous execution of parallel defense strategies.

The attorneys in our professional liability practice group represent professionals and professional service firms in matters including:

  • Professional Liability Counseling – We provide guidance and counsel on preventative measures that professionals and their firms can take to avoid malpractice claims and other allegations of ethical violations and misconduct.
  • Pre-Suit Consultation – When the threat of a professional liability lawsuit arises, we consult with our clients to help them understand their risk, evaluate potential defense strategies, and develop a plan for moving forward.
  • Professional Liability Litigation Defense – We represent all types of licensed professionals and professional service firms in litigation stemming from allegations of professional malpractice, fraud and other forms of professional misconduct.
  • Investigations – We represent licensed professionals in responding to subpoenas for records and testimony and all other aspects of state and federal investigations.
  • Disciplinary and Enforcement Proceedings – Our attorneys serve as defense counsel for licensed professionals and firms facing disciplinary action and enforcement proceedings at the state and federal levels.

Helping Licensed Professionals and Firms Protect Their Reputations, Finances and Businesses

Regardless of the specific allegations involved, facing allegations of professional malpractice or misconduct can have significant and long-term consequences. In many cases, lawsuits and disciplinary proceedings can threaten professionals’ careers and firms’ viability as a going concern. Whether you are facing malpractice litigation or professional discipline, or your firm is facing an investigation conducted by state or federal authorities, our attorneys can provide strategic and forward-thinking representation focused on achieving a favorable and discrete resolution.

Speak with a Professional Liability Defense Attorney at Rendigs

The attorneys in our professional liability practice group represent licensed professionals and professional service firms in all industries. If you need a professional liability defense attorney in Ohio, Kentucky or Colorado, we encourage you to call 513-381-9200 or contact us online to schedule a confidential initial consultation.