Private Dispute Resolution

Litigation can be expensive, time-consuming and disruptive. Fortunately, many disputes can be settled before litigation has run the full course of discovery, trial, and appeal—if not before suit is filed. One of the most effective means of mitigating (if not avoiding) the costs of litigation is through private dispute resolution.

Private dispute resolution offers a means to finding mutually acceptable solutions to conflicts as a practical and cost-effective alternative to litigation. At Rendigs, we offer private dispute resolution services to law firms, businesses and individuals. Since 2002, Rendigs’ attorneys have successfully resolved more than 200 disputes in litigated matters through private mediation or arbitration. These cases have covered the full legal spectrum—from contract disputes arising out of commercial transactions to disputes involving tort claims, professional liability (i.e., medical, legal, engineering, accounting, architectural and construction liability), and employment-related matters.

About Our Private Dispute Resolution Services

While the costs of litigation vary from one case to the next, there is no question that fully litigating a dispute through trial (and potentially on appeal) is among the most expensive means of resolving parties’ differences. Yet, the civil court system exists for a reason, and in many cases litigation will be adverse parties’ only option for finding a way forward.

But, there are alternatives available. Oftentimes, even when parties’ substantive interests are diametrically opposed, they will still share a common interest in minimizing the costs of resolving their dispute. This is where private dispute resolution comes into play.

We offer multiple means of private dispute resolution for law firms, businesses and individuals. With offices in Cincinnati, Louisville and Boulder, we provide private dispute resolution services throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado. These services include:


Even in highly contentious scenarios, adverse parties will often be able to come to terms with the right approach. When engaged to negotiate resolutions to complex and high-stakes disputes, Rendigs’ attorneys rely on decades of relevant experience to efficiently target mutually agreeable outcomes.


In addition to representing clients in negotiation, we also serve as facilitators for negotiations between parties represented by other law firms. Having an intermediary manage the parties’ informal dispute resolution efforts can serve not only to relieve tension, but also to add structure that helps foster productive negotiations and a timely resolution.


Rendigs’ mediators help adverse parties come to terms by offering creative solutions to complex problems and seemingly irreconcilable differences. In mediation, we focus on ensuring that each party has an accurate understanding of the other party’s position, and that each party gives due consideration to all reasonable options.


We also provide arbitration services. Unlike mediation, arbitration results in a binding decision. This finality can prove advantageous in many circumstances, and it can spur fruitful settlement negotiations in many cases as well.

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