Our Attorneys Defend Companies and Insurers in All Admiralty and Maritime Law Matters

For more than 40 years, Rendigs has represented maritime companies and insurers in complex admiralty and maritime law matters. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling vessel and employee accident investigations, personal injury and wrongful death litigation, environmental matters, and other issues arising both at port and in navigable waters. Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day to assist with claims and allegations arising under the Jones Act, Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, and Clean Water Act in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia.

Decades of Experience Handling Admiralty & Maritime Law Matters On the Ohio River

With offices in Cincinnati and Louisville, much of our admiralty and maritime law practice is devoted to handling matters arising on the Ohio river. This includes matters involving vessels in navigation as well as incidents involving moored vessels and accidents on land. Regardless of where—or when—an accident happens, it is vital to quickly preserve the available evidence and assess the legal risks involved.

As a result of our experience handling local admiralty and maritime law matters, we are able to begin working to protect our clients immediately. Our attorneys know the local waters, and we work with trusted local marine investigators and engineers as well. By taking a swift and multi-faceted approach to investigating claims against our clients and their insureds, we are able to favorably resolve many cases early without extensive litigation.

With that said, we have significant experience in mediation and arbitration involving maritime personal injury and wrongful death claims, and we do not hesitate to litigate when necessary. Our firm’s trial record is a testament to this fact. As with all matters we handle, our primary goal in admiralty and maritime law matters is to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients, doing so as efficiently as possible.

Advocates for the Waterway Industry in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia

Our admiralty and maritime law attorneys are members of several associations dedicated to the waterway industry, including the Maritime Lawyers Association; Waterways Council, Inc.; and Greater New Orleans Barge Fleeting Association. We are committed to protecting the interests of our clients in the industry, and we exclusively provide defense representation for maritime accident and environmental claims.

Maritime accident and environmental contamination claims can present significant risks for companies and their insurers. At Rendigs, we understand these risks, and we know what it takes to manage these risks effectively. In addition to handling investigations, alternative dispute resolution proceedings and litigation, we also counsel our clients regarding effective risk management, and our attorneys work with many of our maritime clients on an ongoing basis to help them avoid litigation when possible.  

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