We Handle Litigation Related to All Types of Vertical Transportation Assets in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado

Vertical transportation has transformed access and mobility in locations ranging from office buildings and airports to mines and ski resorts. Despite the fact that most manufacturers’ safety records have improved significantly over the past several decades, litigation involving vertical transportation accidents remains common. At Rendigs, we represent clients in accident litigation involving all types of vertical transportation assets, and we handle disputes involving indemnification, insurance coverage and other related matters as well.

In many cases, vertical transportation accidents will lead to multiple claims for catastrophic personal injuries and wrongful death. When faced with accident claims, manufacturers and property owners must often assess the risk of facing other defect-related claims as well. With more than 75 years of experience in this unique and complex area, we provide strategic advice and representation, and we explore all options for protecting our clients’ interests as cost-effectively as possible.

Litigation Counsel for Lawsuits Involving Vertical Transportation Accidents

Much of our vertical transportation practice is devoted to representing clients in accident lawsuits involving elevators, escalators, lifts, hoists, conveyors and other assets. In these cases, a prompt and comprehensive investigation is critical. We work with inspectors, engineers and other subject matter experts to determine the precise cause of every accident, and then we use this information to efficiently pursue favorable outcomes for our clients. While this involves targeting a pre-trial settlement in many cases, we are litigators, and we will use every stage of the litigation process to our clients’ advantage when necessary.

Experienced Representation for Disputes Between Vertical Transportation Manufacturers, Property Owners and Insurers

In addition to representing clients in personal injury and wrongful death litigation, we handle other types of claims arising out of vertical transportation accidents as well. This includes (but is not limited to) representing vertical transportation manufacturers, property owners, insurers and other parties in litigation involving:

  • Indemnification Liability – We represent manufacturers, property owners and intermediate parties in disputes involving indemnification liability arising out of vertical transportation accidents involving all types of assets. These are often highly complex matters that hinge on issues of contractual interpretation.
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes – We also handle insurance coverage disputes arising out of vertical transportation accidents involving all assets. Our litigators handle these matters as insurance defense counsel and as counsel for insured manufacturers, property owners and other parties.
  • Other Related Claims – From warranty claims to allegations of fraudulent inducement, vertical transportation accident litigation can give rise to a variety of other claims as well. Regardless of your company’s contractual posture, our litigators can work to secure a positive result in light of the circumstances presented.

Speak with a Vertical Transportation Litigation Attorney at Rendigs

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