The Attorneys in Our Personal Injury Practice Group Handle All Types of Accident Cases in Ohio, Kentucky, and Colorado

Every personal injury claim involves a mix of medical, financial, legal, and emotional issues. Our personal injury team’s deep experience allows us to balance these many issues while working toward securing favorable results for our clients. We provide advisory and litigation services for all types of personal injury claims, and we closely with our clients from engagement through final resolution.

Since our firm’s founding, Rendigs attorneys have been actively involved in the evaluation and litigation of personal injury claims involving all types of accidents. Our attorneys are skilled at handling the full spectrum of personal injury claims, having successfully resolved numerous claims involving injuries ranging from soft tissue damage to traumatic brain and spine injuries.

Our Approach to Personal Injury Claims and Litigation

All personal injury claims require a thorough evaluation from both the medical and legal standpoints. In addition to relying on their decades of relevant experience, our attorneys consult with medical specialists to evaluate issues of medical causation and the extent of permanency or impairment. We also work with vocational experts to address claims of lost wages and loss of earning capacity; and, when warranted, we engage product designers, engineers, architects, and other subject matter experts as well. In all cases, when engaging outside professionals, we ensure that this represents the most cost-effective approach to resolving claims in our client’s favor.

We understand that once liability has been established, settlement is the most desirable outcome in most scenarios. At this stage, settling will also be in both parties best interests in many cases. With these considerations in mind, we target settlement whenever it makes sense to do so. However, we also prepare all cases for the possibility of trial, and we will not hesitate to fully litigate our clients’ cases when necessary.

Our Experience in the Personal Injury Arena

Within the personal injury arena, our experience includes providing representation in cases involving substantially all types of accidents and injuries. The attorneys in our personal injury practice group provide representation for matters in Ohio, Kentucky, and Colorado involving:

  • Auto accidents (including collisions involving cars, motorcycles, trucks, and SUVs)
  • Aviation accidents
  • Dog bites and other animal attacks
  • Pedestrian and bicyclist accidents
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Maritime accidents
  • Railroad accidents
  • Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall claims
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Violence facilitated by negligent security

In personal injury cases, custom-tailored legal representation is extremely important. No two cases are alike, and the details matter immensely. At Rendigs, our attorneys work with our clients and our trusted experts to secure positive outcomes that take into account the unique facts and circumstances at hand.

Speak with a Personal Injury Attorney at Rendigs

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